The Neothinker Mentality

Mark, your books are a true life changing. Amazing how your literature can change any value destroyer individual into a successful value creator.
Submitted by: Christian Nga

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  1. Jill Says:

    Tapping the inner Power that we all have is the key to success and gives one hope in their own ability. The Neothink Society shows one how to regain that strength and individually prosper. Job well done my friend.

  2. Christian Nga Says:

    Thank you Jill

  3. Christian Nga Says:

    I recorded this video six years ago. Today, it feels so good that i can come and view it again. I am a whole new person today. Enjoying the advantages of the Neothink secrets available to inside members. A “Glitch” was discovered in the human mind by Mark’s dad. The glitch is a wall purposely formed in the human consciousness. It suppresses human happiness, wealth, health, and causes aging and death. Mark took his dad’s many years of work to a whole new dimension and discovered “The glitch cure” Neothink. It offers many life advantages is not a cult. It’s a way of stepping out of mystical mind’self-created realities. I can’t say is like “born again”, it not a new religion. Is the way to growing into the genius, the creator of values for society, a whole new dimension of living, the division of essence as Mark named it. The core secret for happiness and anti-aging.

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